This popular dance class is for ladies only (ages 18 and up) and will cover ballroom dance steps infused with a sensual burlesque dance style. This class is designed to be sexy and fun and provide a great work out in the process. A choreographed dance routine will be taught over an eight week session and performed one night only for the student's friends, husband, boyfriend or partner. All figures are welcome - we do not judge and we want you to have a great time while unleashing your inner goddess.

DATES: Tuesdays in September and October, 2018

: $135 for 8 week session

ATTENDANCE: It is strongly recommended that each student make the commitment to attend all classes. Each class is 45 to 50 minutes long. It is also recommended that the student practice the routine outside of class in order to memorize the combination of steps.

CLASS ATTIRE: Please do not wear anything confining, such as jeans or work attire. Dance wear such as leggings, tights, leotard or a danceable dress/skirt etc…are required. Dance apparel can be purchased at

SHOES: please wear smooth soled shoes with at least a 1/4 inch heel (4 inch heels are not recommended). If you own ballroom or character shoes, please bring them to class. Dance sneakers are also acceptable for class. You may opt to purchase a pair of ballroom dance shoes. Please see Kimberlee for details.

PERFORMANCE: Be prepared to put together a costume based on the current session's theme and song. Performance date will be determined during the session. You may also choose to purchase costumes from a dance apparel supplier. A post performance gathering will be held for dancers and guests.

REGISTRATION: Register online: We require a minimum of six students enrolled or the session may be cancelled.

Class may be cancelled due to severe weather or if the instructor is sick. We do not offer credit if a student misses a class. All material taught in class is the property of Ballroom Bliss and may not be duplicated by any other dance studio or other organization without the consent of Ballroom Bliss.